[Umwald] A short review of the game by Eric Nieudan on twitter !

[Umwald] A short review of the game by Eric Nieudan on twitter !

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Umwald is available here

 » Now reading… I had an extended lunch break playing this with Thomas and two great players today. It was a lovely and spooky time exploring our characters and the haunted woodsyverse of Millevaux.

No stats, no dice (at least on the players’ side), just the characters and the world. I’m curious to see how the game simulates the world… #TTRPG #indiegame #FKR

So I read the 16 (dense) pages last night. Umwald takes advantage of all the work Thomas has done on Millevaux all these years: for every aspect of the world, it links to random tables on Chartopia so you don’t have to buy another game – after all you don’t have to buy this one.

Most importantly, Umwald has all the refereeing advice you wished an FKR designer would give you, but no one ever bothered. (I’m guilty of this too 😉 )

You can clearly see the author knows the world in and out. He knows how to best portray it and tells you how to do it yourself.

Another interesting aspect: narrative control can change hands to fit the table and players. It can be your run of the mill, trust the ref FKR experience, or it can go full on GMfull, or move between those as people feel like. As long as everyone agrees to the format. Clever.

I’ll have more to say when I’ve checked out the tables linked in the game. »