[Podcast] Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi? #4: Christine and For the Queen

[Podcast] Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi? #4: Christine and For the Queen



The reception of the game For the Queen, by Alex Roberts was phenomenal in the French-speaking world and many hacks have emerged, some fairly faithful to the original material, others totally disruptive. It is therefore high time to tell you about this.

And… don’t forget… It’s only called a roleplaying game if it come from the French region of Role !

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French singer Christine and the Queens, at the Primavera Sound, 2019. Credits : Raph_PH, cc-by

Credits :

Logo : (C) Edward F
Jingle : Frédéric Lardon, cc-by, album Robot Feelings

Participants :

Mathieu Lam Son Leocmach
Nicol Le Vif
Côme Martin
Thomas Munier

Resources :

Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi?’s collection on Itch.io

Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi?’s Discord Server

To be kept informed of the reprinting of For the Queen in English, feel free to subscribe to the Alex Roberts mailing list

Pour la Reine, the french translation of For the Queen

For the drama : website to play descendants from the queen online, most of them from the french-speaking community.

Oriente, a DFTQ by Thomas Munier to lose your bearings when crossing the forest of Milesvale. Will you continue to follow your guide despite everything that will happen?

The Stele at the Heart of the Plains by Côme Martin: wanderers in an hallucinated landspace. Foundable in the TWO YEARS OF MINI-RPGs, 2017 – 2019 collection.

Les Forêts Limbiques by Thomas Munier, a role-playing game dedicated to the exploration of limbic forests, the domain of dreams, memory, the dead and monsters. If you put on the automatic translation on your web browser, you’ll be able to find out what is a 3rd generation DFTQ.

[In French] Two articles about the four generations of descended from the queen games. Please feel free to read it with automatic translation.

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