Inflorenza (en)

Inflorenza is a folk horror RPG where you play heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Milesvale. It deals with horror and beauty, sacrifice, power and suffering, and forest. Forest everywhere. Inflorenza is the game to live in hell, to fight for your soul and to die of love.

credits : lorenzoclick, nicholas hilliard, british library, angela7dreams, Bob Jagendorf,

Community Eye Health, animalrescueblog, oliver.dodd, kurafire, licence cc-by-nc, galleries on

Beta version

Core rules (33 pages)

Illustrated beta-version, PDF

Book, print-on-demand page

Text only, Office document

Text only, PDF document

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Playing aids



Actual plays

# 1 : The Highway of Tears

#2 : North, under the silent stars

#3 : London Girls

#4 : The Caminos de Santiago

#5 : Caligula

#6 : Below Forty

#7 : The Cabin

#8 : Isula di Suspiriu

#9 : Mortal Venice

#10 : Cancer Zone